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FormTight Inc. Launches Redesigned Website

Specializing in plastic thermoforming solutions, Colorado-based manufacturer FormTight Inc. announced today they have launched a new redesigned web...

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"After another thermoforming supplier proved unable to produce a useable part, FormTight went the extra mile to expedite material and productio...
- Stephen Grupinski, President
Arm Automation - Austin, TX

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Mushroom Tills

mushroom tills                                     mushroom trays manufacturer

FormTight manufactures mushroom trays in 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 16oz deep, and 24oz options, please find the drawings and photos below for specific sizes.

Our mushroom tills are made from various colors recycled RPET and they`re recyclable again. RPET is the most recycled plastic in North America, and comes from water bottles, soda bottles, and jars, along with other recycled RPET containers and packaging. The recycling stream is already in place, making this sustainable packaging.

RPET has continued to rise in percentage of pounds recycled, and has been the most cost-stable material for many years. It is far less susceptible to soaring commodity prices than other materials like HIPS, PP, and HDPE.

Our tills have proven to work on multiple packaging lines, from manually filled and wrapped, to totally automated fill, weigh, and pack machines. The tills sizes have been designed to fit easily into industry standard sized master cartons.

Clear RPET tills will meet "clear packaging initiatives" set by your most important customers.

We have tills in stock of each size that are available in the light blue color. We have customers who purchase truckload quantities, and some that take as little as one carton at a time. We’ve made many Pink tills for breast cancer awareness month, and If you`re looking for something a little different, we can produce tills in any color, and all at a competitive price point.

We can customize a program just for your company; JIT inventories based on annual usage, custom sizes, let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

mushroom tills packaging

8oz Mushroom Tray
Box Count: 1,800pcs.
Pallet Count: 27,000pcs.

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8oz Mushroom Tills

12oz Mushroom Tray
Box Count: 1,250pcs.
Pallet Count: 18,750pcs

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12oz Mushroom Tills

16oz Mushroom Tray
Box Count: 1,800 pcs.
Pallet Count: 27,000 pcs.

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16oz Mushroom Tills

16oz Mushroom Tray Deep
Box Count: 800 pcs.
Pallet Count: 12,000 pcs.

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16oz Mushroom Tills Deep

24oz Mushroom Tray
Box Count: 900pcs.
Pallet Count: 13,500pcs.

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24oz Mushroom Tills

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